Who We Are

Altitude Spirits is a Boulder, Colorado-based company that offers a portfolio of exceptional organic craft spirits from around the world. Owned and operated by the father-and-son team of Mitch and Matthew Baris, Altitude Spirits draws on a family tradition of spirit distillation and a passion for craft production to curate a portfolio of the finest organic spirits available. We have produced our acclaimed organic vodka, Vodka 14, since 2005, pioneering the organic spirit market in the United States. Building on the success of Vodka 14 and our growing passion for organic spirits, in 2011 Altitude Spirits became the exclusive American importer for Papagayo Spiced and Platinum Rums, Juniper Green Gin, and Highland Harvest Scotch Whisky. Like Vodka 14, all of these spirits are crafted with exceptional care from the finest ingredients and are USDA Certified Organic. Each of our products offers exceptional small-batch quality, as well as a commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We are proud to offer a comprehensive craft and organic spirits portfolio to address the growing demand for organic distilled beverages of unparalleled quality and taste.

What We Are About

At Altitude Spirits, we believe that the future of the spirits marketplace lies in products distilled from the finest ingredients available by individuals who are passionate about their craft. We believe that sustainability and environmental stewardship is not a fashion or a lifestyle choice but rather an ethical imperative, a commitment to our world and our community. We don’t believe that pesticides, nitrates, or chemical blending agents have any place in a fine spirit, and the most rigorous legal benchmark of purity, the United States Department of Agriculture organic certification, is an indicator of quality that discerning spirits connoisseurs increasingly seek out.

Altitude Spirits is proud to offer a portfolio of spirits of exceptional quality and taste, crafted with pride and passion from sustainably-farmed, ethically-sourced ingredients. We’re also proud to give back to the community that supports us through our dedicated sponsorship of charitable organizations. We have a proud company tradition of giving back to the community that supports us through our innovative program of charitable event sponsorship. We donate our products and our staff time to events supporting socially positive works in order to give causes we believe in a boost. Focusing our sponsorship budget on charitable organizations allows us to share our products with a broader audience while at the same time working towards having a positive impact in our community.