Highland Harvest Scotch Whisky

With a smooth, distinguished character and a lingering finish, Highland Harvest combines time-honored Scottish tradition and the finest organic ingredients in a “highly recommended” (Beverage Testing Institute) whisky.

Highland Harvest is one of the only whiskies available that carries a USDA Organic Certification. This is no gimmick; organic means more traditional agriculture, and this means two critically important things to a Scotch whisky aficionado. First, it means purity. The ingredients used to make Highland Harvest are free of pesticide residues, sewage sludge fertilizers, and nitrate residues, not because they have supposedly been rinsed off, but because they were never used in the first place. Second, it means sustainability. Our barley comes from traditional, sustainable farms, and without sustainable Scottish agriculture there can be no Scotch whisky for future generations. This is what sets Highland Harvest apart: using only the finest certified organic barley allows us to offer whiskies that are not just made where and how the finest traditional Scotch was made, but also from the same fine, natural, sustainably-grown ingredients used in the whiskies of old.

There are drawbacks to organic agriculture, of course. The barley mash used for Highland Harvest achieves only about 80% of the yield of conventional non-organic fermentation. Using natural rock phosphate as fertilizer, eschewing pesticides, and preserving part of the field as hedgerows to create a traditional farming environment results in a lower crop yield, and thus a more expensive crop. However, we are of the opinion that the Scotch whisky connoisseur approaches the process of selecting a whisky with quality as their primary concern. To make the finest product, corners cannot be cut at any stage in the process, even the stages that most Scotch whisky drinkers never even consider.

Exceptional ingredients are just the beginning of the road for Highland Harvest. Once distilled, Highland Harvest matures in “first use” charred oak barrels, meaning that the barrels have never before been used for maturing a Scotch. After production of Highland Harvest, these barrels will go on to hold lesser whiskies. But while they contain Highland Harvest, they sit in warehouses sheltered amongst the trees at the edge of the firth, where it is cold and dark, providing ideal conditions for the creation of a truly magnificent Scotch whisky.

We proudly offer two varieties of Highland Harvest, Single Malt and Seven Casks, described in detail below.


Highland Harvest Single Malt

92 Proof (46% ABV) Scotch Whisky. Distilled in Scotland.

It is with great delight that we introduce Highland Harvest Single Malt Scotch Whisky to America. This remarkable whisky is made exclusively from malted barley in the traditional manner, with no grain whatsoever. Aged to perfection in first-use oak casks,  is bottled in the traditional way without chill filtering to ensure the full richness of the whisky’s natural flavor is captured. The result is a Scotch whisky that possesses a distinguished character and a remarkable smoothness, with a long, lingering finish.

While a blend of various whiskies produced at a single distillery may be sold as single malt, Highland Harvest Single Malt goes a significant step further. Highland Harvest Single Malt is not just a single malt whisky (one distillery) but a single cask whisky (one barrel), meaning it is not blended in any way, shape or form, and is bottled just the way it came from the cask. This makes it the ultimate expression of the distiller’s craft, and also the ultimate in rarity: only about 500 bottles of any one cask exist in the world, and no more than 2,500 bottles are produced at a time, assuring the exquisite quality control a whisky such as this deserves.

Highland Harvest Seven Cask

80 Proof (40% ABV) Scotch Whisky. Distilled in Scotland.

Highland Harvest 7 Casks Scotch Whisky offers the drinker a unique encapsulation of the Highland region. This is accomplished by the careful selection of exactly seven casks of unblended Highland whisky, each chosen for a specific characteristic which, taken together, creates a whisky that exceeds the sum of its parts, representing the finest aspects of Scotland’s Highland region. This whisky offers a perfect balance of malt sweetness, oak tannins, and the silkiness that can only be imparted by careful aging in first-use casks. Being made from only seven casks, this whisky is, by it’s nature, limited in production. Though this small-batch production allows for exquisite attention to detail, only 2,500 bottles are produced in each batch. Each bottle carries the batch number and the signature of Chris R. Parker of London & Scottish International, who oversees production of Highland Harvest and has been inducted as a Master of the Quaich.

Is Highland Harvest gluten free? For information about gluten in distilled spirits, click here.

Manhattan Scotch Sipper

This rocks-based twist on the classic Manhattan relies on the clean, sweet taste of Highland Harvest to stand up to the vermouth.  


Scotch Almond Cooler

The complexity of scotch marries perfectly with almond and bright, fresh citrus in this cocktail.


The Scotch Cobbler

This twist on the Bourbon classic marries Highland Harvest to lemon and grapefruit, to excellent effect.


The Lassie's Cocktail

A Scottish spin on the classic known as the “Ladies’ Cocktail,” though discerning gentlemen are known to enjoy it as well.


The Spicy Highlander

This unique and uniquely refreshing cocktail begins with 2 ounces of Highland Harvest Blended Malt Scotch Whisky over ice in a lowball glass.