Visit the Tasting Room

2805 Wilderness Place, Suite 200, Boulder, Colorado

Visiting our Boulder, Colorado Tasting Room is a unique and fun way to get a taste of our exceptional craft organic spirits, and a feel for how we like to do things. The tasting room is part bar and part distillery workshop. Up front, we serve up original creations based on our portfolio of craft organic spirits. In-house infusions and special-edition barrel aged spirits will often be on the menu, making no two visits to the tasting room quite alike. Guests are even able to purchase special editions of our products. All of the spirits for sale at the tasting room are bottled in-house, reducing the environmental footprint of these spirits even further and making great Boulder-exclusive gifts. Some are totally unique to the tasting room, available for sale nowhere else in the world.

Come behind the bar and you’ll find something you might not see at your run-of-the-mill watering hole: wood barrels filled with fine spirits, aging to perfection, and a federally-licensed distillery. Our tasting room distillery is a workshop for our company and our spirits. The tasting room distillery is used for developing recipes that may some day find their way into bottles branded with the Altitude Spirits logo, and in the meantime find their way behind the tasting room bar. Working with the still is a major perk at Altitude Spirits— for people this passionate about spirits, nothing beats experimenting with the still. We also use the still as a teaching tool, and a tour of the facility will mean getting a first-rate lesson in how the good stuff is made. The barrels in the distillery are filled with spirits that will be sold one day at your favorite retail stores and bars, once the wood works its magic.

The tasting room is open for business! Our hours of operation are currently 4pm to 8pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For cocktail specials, holiday hours, and more, please visit the tasting room's page on Facebook.

Host an Event at our Tasting Room
The Altitude Spirits tasting room is a perfect venue to host groups of up to 25 people, offering a comfortable atmosphere, a convenient Boulder location, and first-class libations. It is an ideal location for your next office party, birthday celebration, meet-up, or any other gathering of people who enjoy fine spirits. Reservations are available and private events can be arranged. Please get in touch with us to schedule your event.


The Pomegranate Spiced Mojito

Spiced rum gives this cocktail from our Boulder Tasting Room a unique twist on a modern classic.


Aprés Exhale

This unique and uniquely stylish original cocktail comes to us from Boulder-based mixologist Stan Usinowicz.  


The Highland Hole-in-One

This variation on the classic Hole-In-One uses the natural malt sweetness of Highland scotch to take it to the next level. 

True Blue Hawaii

This contemporary take on the 1950’s Tiki-lounge classic retains the exotic, tropical flavors, but ditches the chemical food coloring. 


The Historic Caruso

This version of the storied Caruso takes us back to a time when mixology was an art and mint was made from, well, mint.