Vodka 14: Craft-Distilled. Organic. Committed.

80 Proof (40% ABV) Vodka. Distilled in the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains, United States of America.

Flagship brand. Passion project. Masterpiece. Call it what you will, but Vodka 14 has been the cornerstone of our company from the day we began in 2005. Since then, Vodka 14 has been honored with numerous awards and critical acclaim, including the recommendation of Spirits Journal, who called Vodka 14 "wonderfully clear and pristine," and the platinum medal at the SIP blind taste testing. Vodka 14 has come to be regarded by many connoisseurs as one of the finest craft vodkas available in the United States today.

Craft Distilled: Purity Through Technology & Meticulous Care

Distilled at the foot of the majestic Teton range of the Rocky Mountains, Vodka 14 is wholly dedicated to a single, simple proposition: that by combining exceptional ingredients and meticulous distillation, our small, independent, family run company can offer a product superior to mass-market brands both imported and domestic. If the finest ingredients are the heart of a remarkable vodka, exceptional distillation is the soul. In crafting Vodka 14 we blend five generations of distilling heritage with the best of modern technology: a four-column continuous distillation system. In a continuous still the mash (the fermented grain) is heated until it becomes a vapor, rising towards the top of the still. As it rises, the distillate vapors condense back into a liquid state and cascade back down, beginning the process anew.

This cycle allows the mixture inside the column to be re-distilled continuously, whereas in a conventional still the vapors would pass into a gas state once and then be collected. Some vodka makers boast about distilling their products repeatedly, and the savvy vodka drinker knows from these claims that all this indicates is that the vodka is distilled in a conventional pot still. A pot still is a technology little changed in five hundred years, rich in tradition and well-suited to aged spirits such as whiskey, but unable to match the purity achieved using a continuous distillation system, making it poorly suited to crafting fine vodka. In fact, it might take hundreds of distillations in a traditional pot still to rival the purity achieved by distilling the vodka using a continuous distillation system.

After distillation, Vodka 14 is passed through an advanced activated carbon and crystal filtration process. Combining this sophisticated distillation technology with the meticulous attention inherent in small-batch production, Vodka 14 achieves a purity of distillation befitting its remarkable organic ingredients.

Organic & Committed: Striving for a Better Vodka and a Better World

Vodka 14 boasts a USDA Organic certification, distinguishing it from virtually all other top-shelf vodkas. What makes a vodka organic, and why this matters, cuts to the heart of Vodka 14’s remarkable smoothness and taste. Going to great lengths to eliminate even the most minute traces of chemical residues and additives is what sets Vodka 14 apart, and plays no small part in the remarkable taste of the final product.

At Altitude Spirits, we maintain the highest level of commitment to crafting the best possible vodka, doing so in an environmentally conscious manner, and running our business in a socially positive way. This begins in farm fields, where our commitment to using only 100% organic grain means supporting independent American farmers who are pioneering sustainable, environmentally sound agriculture, and continues all the way to the store shelf, where Vodka 14 is packaged in our distinctive glass bottles, decorated using baked-on ceramic pigments in lieu of plastic labels. The bottle is sealed with a recyclable synthetic cork closure. Even the safety seal, which most companies make from environmentally-harmful and non-recyclable PVC, is made from a material called PETG, which is derived from recycled sources and is itself recyclable. In fact, every element in the Vodka 14 package can be recycled through most municipal recycling programs. These are small steps, but when perfection is the goal, small steps matter.

Is Vodka 14 gluten free? For information about gluten in distilled spirits, click here.

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