Why Organic?

Altitude Spirits offers spirits distilled in very different ways from very different ingredients, but that all have one thing in common: a USDA Organic Certification. For years savvy consumers and culinary professionals have sought out organic produce for quality and taste. But what does organic mean when it comes to a fine spirit?

Organic means quality. Starting with crops untainted by pesticides and sewage sludge fertilizers, organic products are already free of chemicals used in the fields that may taint the final product. But organic also means that no shortcuts are taken in the distillation process, like nitrates used in fermentation or chemical “blending agents” added at the end of the process. Organic products only achieve outstanding quality by starting with exceptional raw ingredients and distilling them with care.

Organic means sustainability. To be certified organic, the crops that our spirits begin as must be grown without genetic modification, chemical pesticides, or sewage sludge fertilizers. This means farming sustainably, and supporting sustainable agriculture is an important step towards a higher level of environmental stewardship.

Organic means verifiable purity. USDA Organic certification is rigorously-enforced Federal law, not marketing hype. Certifiers must inspect every step in production, from the field to the bottle, and ensure rigorous compliance. Organic means we aren’t just claiming our products are pure and grown sustainably, it means that someone has actually verified it.

Altitude Spirits is proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of organic spirits from around the world. We believe that organic and top quality go hand-in-hand. But don’t take our word for it. The proof is in the taste.